123 Banjo Tuner Tutorial

  1. Click a Letter above and the note will play on repeat. This note is perfectly tuned, so listen up! Click it again to stop.
  2. Pluck a Note on your banjo and tune to match the banjo tuner above
  3. Tune the String on your banjo until it sounds exactly like the one on the banjo tuner and do this for each string.

Banjo Tuner

Tuning the banjo by ear and improve your pitch! The banjo tuner is ready for banjo players everywhere.

123Banjo Tuner.com may just be the perfect remedy to an out-of-tune banjo. This banjo tuner features real notes from a real instrument.

If you love this site then be sure and holler it from the mountaintops! A single note on the banjo can be heard far and wide, so go ahead and shred.

Bluegrass music is the traditional style for banjo, but now even EDM features this unique instrument. Whether you play folk or metal, the banjo is ready for action.

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